How to use shortfill and nicotine shots

How to use shortfill and nicotine shots

Nicotine shots and short fills!

This is something that’s been getting on my nerves recently! I have seen a few people buying juice elsewhere and being given the wrong shots, even though they have been told it’s is correct!

Everything I’m going to mention here is referring to short fills, quantities are based on adding to existing juice not making juice from scratch. All figures I refer to are finished quantities!

Working out mg per ml:

Strength is show as Mg/ml which is Strength/quantity so a 10ml 18mg bottle has a total strength of 180mg (10×18). Then 180/60 is 3, so 3mg/ml or just 3mg (sometimes shown as 0.3%)

What ones should I be using?

There are 3 common types of nicotine shot (there are more but these are unusual I’ll cover them further down!)

18mg – These are ideal for liquids in 60ml increments; 180/60 = 0.3 (3mg) so 60 or 120ml bottles or 30ml bottles if you like 6mg!!! Put one in a 50ml and you will get 3.6mg 18/50 = 0.36 3.6mg)

15mg – These are idea for liquids in 50ml increments – 150/50= 0.3 (3mg) so 50/100/150mls. Put this in a 60ml and you will get 2.5mg; 15/60 = 0.25 (2.5mg) !

20mg – These aren’t really good for very much, mainly just the highest the law allows, so good if you making your own juice but IMO makes the maths harder! Over a large quantity you would be saving money but its minimal! (FYI 9 of these is equal to 10 x 10ml 18mg)

Easy way to remember is that if you add the strengths of each shot together you should be able to divide it by the bottle size easily IE 2 x 10ml @ 18mg is 360 divide by 120 = 3  or 1 x 10 ml @ 15mg is 150 divide by 50 = 3 not 180/50 = 3.6  

What about the other strengths?

Other common strengths are 9mg and 12mg, both are quite useful if your looking to cut down, 12mg is 2/3 of 18mg thus would bring the end mg down to 2mg/ml and 9mg halves the strength so 1.5mg is possible.

All our eliquid bottles are 60 or 120ml finished size and all our nicotine shots are 18mg.


I only know of one exception to this rule at time of writing! One company suggest you should use flavoured shots, not plain ones, so for their 80ml short fills you would need to purchase a 10ml bottle of 18mg and a 10ml bottle of 12mg in the same flavour to make it right as they don’t do 15mg! 180 + 120= 300/100 = 3mg The upside of this is that the shots are already flavoured and steeped, which IMO is a brilliant idea, you just need to shake it really well, additional steeping should not be needed! But why they didn’t they just do 120mls to make it really easy??

Steeping/ Blending

We did quite a lot of testing with this as soon as TPD rules hit and the need for nicotine shots. In our opinion you should leave bottles after mixing a few days, however it isn’t that noticeable unless your using high PG nic shots which tend to give more throat hit if not mixed thoroughly! VG shots just seem smoother and sweeter.

Nicotine shot Bases

This is a whole other subject that also needs to be looked at. In theory if the bottle says its mixed 70/30 the nicotine shot should be too! If you add a 100% VG shot it may mean you end up with dry hits from your tank not wicking quick enough, a 100% VG shot would make the ratio 75/25 which shouldn’t be a problem for most vape tanks, if anything you might notice less throat hit!

Our Flexi fill range uses this variation to provide users with a true max vg (86/14 with VG shot ) or standard ratio (70/30 with PG shot), no one else does this!!!!!!!!!

MTL short fill hack!

So you’re a MTL vaper and getting annoyed that the only way you can get 50/50 12mg ejuice is in 10ml bottles, there is a relatively simple solution to this! Take a 60ml shortfill of 70/30 liquid, add in 10ml of 72mg 100% PG nicotine (if you can find it, ask on forums/facebook and you will find suppliers!) That will give you a 60ml bottle which would give you a 58/42 ratio with 12mg strength, which most devices should be able to handle without issue (if they can’t a couple of drops of distilled water will fix that without affecting the strength of flavour too much!).

Whilst you are adding more nicotine than intended and potentially muting the flavour, you are also adding more PG which is a far better flavour carrier so the difference will not be that noticeable.

Sadly you cant do this with our flexi fills, but you can with our standard range (the standard range is 70/30 when used with a 100% VG shot so you would end up with a 54/46 ratio!!!)