Introducing Bluebird CBD to Your Dog – 5 Easy Tips From Your Neighborhood Dog Mom

Introducing Bluebird CBD to Your Dog – 5 Easy Tips From Your Neighborhood Dog Mom

If you’re a dog parent like me, chances are you want the very best for your canine companion. Whether your pup is a true youngster or an old fella like mine, CBD can be a great option for fostering optimum wellness in the lives of your four-legged loved ones.

All mammals — dogs included — have an existing endocannabinoid system in their bodies. As such, our doggos can experience the same benefit on their overall wellness by consuming hemp extract that humans do. As an added benefit, the organic hemp seed oil used in Bluebird’s Companion CBD products is an excellent source of omegas 6 and 3. Omegas 6 and 3 belong to the Essential Fatty Acids family, something that humans and dogs both require in their diet for proper cell, muscle, and organ function.

While CBD is totally safe for pets, we always recommend consulting your veterinarian before making changes to your pet’s diet.

If you’ve already done this and have been given the green light from your pet care professional, read on for five easy tips on incorporating CBD into your dog’s daily routine!

  1. Choose your product.

Bluebird Botanicals offers several products designed specifically for animals. Our Companion CBD Oil allows for pet owners to provide varying serving sizes of CBD to their pet(s).

Bluebird also offers Companion CBD Capsules (5+ mg of CBD per soft gel capsule) and Concentrated Companion CBD Capsules (15+ mg of CBD per soft gel capsule).

All three of these products consist of two ingredients: full-spectrum hemp extract, emulsified in organic hemp seed oil. That’s all! The soft gel capsules are simply another indigestible option if your pet dislikes the taste of the extract, or if you prefer a pre-measured amount to provide your pet. The soft gels are made of glycerin, gelatin, and purified water, all easily digestible ingredients.

Bluebird’s CBD hemp extracts are guaranteed to contain less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC, so you can rest assured that your dog will not experience any psychoactive effects, or get “high.” As with all of Bluebird’s CBD products, our entire companion care line is third-party batch tested and can be accessed on our website by anyone, at any time. We are happy to be completely transparent with our lab tests because we want all our customers, both two-legged and four-legged, to do their research and ensure they are selecting the best quality products possible. Here at Bluebird, we make that research easy for you by offering third-party lab testing on every batch.

Charlie, my own canine companion (a miniature dachshund) gets different serving sizes of CBD based on the time of day that he seems in need of a wellness boost. I like to use Bluebird’s Companion CBD Oil to best customize his routine as needed.

2. Love on your pup.

Like with any new experience, you will want to pave the way for a comfortable CBD introduction by making your doggo feel as cared for and secure as possible. Give your furry companion a snuggle, a belly rub, or a good scratch behind the ears to let them know they’re in for a treat!

When I first introduced CBD to Charlie, I gave him some cheek scratches, a couple of nuzzles, then looked him in the eye and said, “I love you, bud.” He was ready.

3. Let them have a sniff.  

Pets may be skeptical of something new going into their bodies, but letting them do the good ole sniff test usually eliminates any of the residual heebie-jeebies remaining after step 2. If they don’t seem to be an immediate fan of the hemp scent, peanut butter or string cheese can be excellent tools for this step of CBD introduction!

4. Decide how you want to administer.

If you’ve selected CBD capsules for your pup, your decision will be pretty easy to make. CBD capsules provide a convenient, taste-neutral experience for your pets and most dogs will swallow them in stride.

However, some dogs may not be as enthusiastic about swallowing something that looks like a pill. My go-to trick for getting dogs to take capsules is to roll each one in a dollop of peanut butter, place it in their mouth, then stroke their throat to encourage them to swallow the tasty treat.

My old man Charlie is a seasoned CBD warrior and he actually loves the taste of Bluebird Companion Oil and eagerly wags his tail each time he sees the CBD dropper come out of the cabinet.

Charlie prefers to take his CBD mixed into his food (he’ll stare at the food dish, then glare at me when I occasionally forget to add it), but you can also use the dropper to apply the oil inside of your dog’s mouth, or drizzle on their tongue if they’re the cooperative type!

For Charlie’s 11th birthday this year, I made him an extra special CBD treat. If you want to recreate a similar delicious experience for your pup, melt some all-natural peanut butter and mix in a dropper full of Bluebird’s Companion Oil and a small dollop of local honey. Place in the freezer for a couple of hours, then let them have at it! You can also substitute plain yogurt for peanut butter. Trust me, they’ll love this CBD treat for any occasion!

5. GO FOR IT! Then let us know how it went!

We want to hear your success stories! Share your dog’s CBD regimen with us by tagging Bluebird Botanicals in your pet photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Your #1 doggo may even get featured on a Bluebird page!